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In the 1920's Associated Oil Co. built a bulk fuel and oil plant at 2414 Monterey in Fresno, CA.  In those days fuel, oil, kerosene, solvent, gas and stove oil, were delivered by horse drawn tank wagons to customers in the valley.  Over the years the bulk plant has served the valley customers changing needs.

In 1971, Robert and Marie Goeringer operated the plant as consignee's for Phillips Petroleum.  On October 28 1974 they were incorporated and in October 1975 Robert and Marie Goeringer purchased the property.  Visa Petroleum Inc.  is a family owned and operated business.  We pride ourselves on servicing the need of our customers

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Visa Petroleum Inc. is a Exxon Branded wholesaler of oil lubricants for the valley.  Visa Petroleum Inc. purchases gas, diesel, kerosene, solvent and high sulfur diesel from eleven major oil companies.  Visa Petroleum Inc. is a member of the commercial fueling network (CFN) which has over 1800 fueling facilities across the United States.  We also stock a full line of automotive, industrial, commercial, farm, rail road, and aircraft products, as well as a full line of synthetic products.   We are also Major Distributors for Mystic oil products. 

You can contact us at (559) 233-5136 or leave an E-mail message at the bottom of this page.  Watch for future added lines and products.


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